Red DwarfCrew Profiles


Full name: David Lister
Alias: Craig Charles (IMDb Filmography)
Occupation: Third Technician on Red Dwarf
Likes: Kristine Kochanski, curries, lager, vindaloos, playing the guitar
Dislikes: Wine, words ending in 'ible'

Full Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Alias: Chris Barrie (IMDb Filmography)
Occupations: First Technician on Red Dwarf
Likes: Yvonne MacGrouder, Rachel his Polythyrene Pal, Hammond Organ music, 20th century telegraph poles, playing Risk
Dislikes: Being dead, Caspacho Soup, engineering exams, Ace Rimmer, Lister

Full Name: The Cat
Alias: Danny John-Jules (IMDb Filmography)
Occupation: None
Likes: His reflection, Krispies, and Cuban heels, Himself
Dislikes: work, Rimmer

Full Name: Kristine Kochanski
Alias: Chloe Annette (IMDb Filmography)
Occupation: Navigation Officer on Red Dwarf
Likes: Cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, Trumper, baths
Dislikes: Trainers and salad cream kept in the fridge, showers

Full Name: Kryten 2X4B-52QP
Alias: Robert Llewellyn (IMDb Filmography)
Occupation: Serving the humans
Likes: Serving the Red Dwarf crew, ironing, Camille, keeping things tidy
Dislikes: Not in his programming

Full Name: Holly
Alias: Norman Lovett (IMDb Filmography), Hattie Hayridge (IMDb Filmography)
Occupation: Red Dwarf ships computer
Likes: Clean VDU, singing potatoes
Dislikes: Static Electricity, being bored

Full Name: Skutters
Occupation: Maintenance robots
Likes: John Wayne, film magazines
Dislikes: Arnold Rimmer

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