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**************Series 1 - 1988**************

The End:
Almost the entire crew of mining ship 'Red Dwarf' are killed, leaving Lister the last human alive, a hologram of his bunkmate - Rimmer, a life form evolved from the ship's cat, and Holly the primary computer.
Future Echoes:
As the ship approaches the speed of light, the remaining crew begin to see things that haven't happened yet, i.e. Future Echoes, then Rimmer sees a future echo of Lister dying....
Balance of Power:
Lister is determined to pass the chefs exam, just to be at a higher rank than Rimmer.
Waiting For God:
Lister starts learning about cat books, while Rimmer is investigating an unknown pod, which he believes to be from an alien life form.
Confidence & Paranoia:
Lister contracts a disesase that brings his events from his dreams to life, including fish rain.
Another hologram of Rimmer has been activated, and is starting to drive Rimmer crazy.

**************Series 2 - 1988**************

The crew receives a distress call from crashed ship, on board are three dead women and a mechanoid.
Better Than Life:
When the mail finally arrives, and Rimmer finds out that his Dad has died. Lister finds the Total Immersion Video game, 'Better than Life', in the mail as well.
Thanks for the Memory:
It's Rimmer's Deathday, and the Cat and Lister wake up to find they each have a broken leg, Lister's diary has 4 pages missing, and a jigsaw has been completed...
Stasis Leak:
A stasis leak on floor 16 lets the people go back in time to before the accident, where Lister hopes to marry Kochanski, after finding a photograph of them together.
The crew start to think that Holly is useless and after they are hit by an asteriod the backup computer Queeg 500 takes over. However, they preferred things when Holly was around.
Parallel Universe:
Using the Holly Hop Drive, the crew jump to a Parallel Universe where they meet a female Lister, a female Rimmer, and ... a Dog.

**************Series 3 - 1989**************

While Kryten takes his pilot's test, he and Rimmer stumble across Earth expect that time is running backwards. When Cat and Lister eventually find them the other two have settled down.
After evacuating Red Dwarf, Lister and Rimmer crash down on a cold barren planet and Lister must eat the dog food to survive...
A Polymorph gets aboard the Red Dwarf. It is a shape shifting and emotion sucking creature which causes Cat to lose his vanity, Lister his fear, Kryten his guilt and Rimmer his anger.
After the self destruct sequence is activated, Lister must swap bodies with a dead female crewmember in order to gain the security clearance to stop it. However, Rimmer gets the idea of swapping bodies with Lister to live again.
A mutated developing fluid brings photos to life, giving Lister the power to change the course of history with the help of some bubble wrap painted red.
The Last Day:
Kryten is due to expire and the new model is on the way, so Lister organizes a farewall party, which only makes Kryten want to stay online...

**************Series 4 - 1991**************

Whe Kryten responds to a distress call, he meets a female android. But Rimmer sees her as a hologram and Lister sees her as a live human. What actually is she??
The crew come accross a ship drifting in space with a machine to rewrite DNA and the possibily of turning Kryten in a human...
The crew rescue a pod from a prison ship and decide to take it to it's destination, however Rimmer is sentanced to 9000 years in prison for killing the entire crew of Red Dwarf. Kryten must prove that Rimmer is not to blame.
White Hole:
Kryten has fixed Talkie Toaster which Lister had destroyed in a freak "accident", and then tries to update Holly's intelligence, before discovering a White Hole.
Dimension Jump:
There are an infinite number of realities where all possible events are played out. In one, Rimmer is a valiant hero - Ace Rimmer - who then comes across the Rimmer in our reality.
The crew have a visit to Waxworld, formerly a theme park in which the androids broke their programming, and then a war between good and evil broke out.

**************Series 5 - 1992**************

When Rimmer encounters the crew of the Holoship, a ship made of light, the decides he wants to join them. However, he must first pass a test...
His job is to rid the universe of the useless - those on whom life is wasted, and give those who were robbed a chance at life their place. Things aren't looking good for the Red Dwarf crew!
After Kryten and Rimmer crash on a Psi-moon, the landscape takes on that of Rimmer's subconscious. Naturally it is a horrible place and begins to torture.
While on an away mission, the crew discover a hologram with a virus, Rimmer has to place them in Quarantine. Unfortunately he appears to have contracted the Holovirus himself and recuits the help of Mr Flibble.
Demons and Angels:
After an accident with the newly created triplicator, the Red Dwarf is destroyed. However, two new Red Dwarfs then appear; one filled with good, and the other with evil.
Back To Reality:
During an attack Starbug crashes, and the crew wake up from the Total Immersion Video Game, "Red Dwarf". They discover that their real lives aren't all that promising...

**************Series 6 - 1993**************

List has someone managed to lose Red Dwarf! As the crew come out of 200 years deep sleep, they take a short cut through an asteroid belt to catch up with the trial of Red Dwarf, but encounter the brain slurping Psirens.
Legion, a being that seems to have highly advanced knowledge, invites the Red Dwarf crew aboard for a meal. Rimmer thinks it would be a good idea for Legion to join their crew, but the being has other plans...
Gunmen of the Apocalypse:
After an attack by Rogue Simulants, the Starbug is upgraded to combat them. However, a virus is transmitted to the Starbug navigational computer and Kryten must find a way to combat the virus.
Emohawk: Polymorph II:
Lister marries a Kinitowowi gelf woman in return for a new O/G unit, and then legs it. The Kinitowowi and they send an Emohawk, a half domesticated Polymorph.
When the crew encounters the Simulants again, Rimmer cowardly flees in an escape pod. He lands on a planet where he attempts to create a female clone, without much luck.
Out of Time:
The crew discover Time Drive, and then come in contact with their future selves. Things don't go and plans and the future Starbug opens fire...

**************Series 7 - 1997**************

Tikka to Ride (Xtended):
Don't ask how, but the crew have been brough back to life, and Starbug is 3 times larger. However, unfornately for Lister, the entire Indian food supply is missing...
Stoke Me A Clipper:
Ace Rimmer is back, but is dying and he needs someone to replace him. That someone of course is our Rimmer. Training begins and this episode sees the departure of Rimmer.
OUROBOROS (Xtended):
A tear in the space-time continuum causes a linkway to form between two parallel universes and the Kochanski from there gets trapped in out universe.
Duct Soup (Xtended):
After the main power goes offline, the crew must crawl through the miles of service ducts to get restart the engines before they fly into a sun.
When attempts to return Kochanski to her own reality fail, Lister finds himself missing Rimmer. Kryten decides to create an AR program to help Lister stop missing him.
Beyond a Joke:
Kryten's head eventually blows up when the rest of the crew decide to go on an AR program with Kockanski instead of staying back to have his lobster meal.
An away mission to salvage a ship results in Lister being infected with the Epideme virus. Now it's up to Kryten and Kochanski to find a way to cure this fatal disease...
The crew must find Kryten's missing Nanobots to finalize Lister's cure. They are eventually found, and is another strangely familiar very large red spacecraft...

**************Series 8 - 1999**************

Back in the Red (Hour Long Special or three separate episodes):
Kryten's Nanobots have recreated not just Red Dwarf, but also the original crew. Not Lister, Kryten and the Cat suddenly find that they have another Rimmer to contend with, and their old captain.
Captain Hollister invites Rimmer, who has found the "Sexual Magnestism" virus, to a meal...
Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Kochanski are then on trial for "crimes against the Space Corps", where they need to escape in order to try to prove their innocence.
Having been sentanced to time in the brig, they decide to pass time by joining the Canaries, thinking it to be a choir group.
Krytie TV:
Kryten is classed as a female and after being partly reprogrammed, he starts up his own pirate TV station.
When Rimmer and Lister are forced to take on the guards in a basketball game they sabotage the them using a virility enhancement drug.
Pete II: Captain's Office:
After finding a strange device, a sparrow is de-evolved into a T-Rex.
Only the Good:
Rimmer crosses into a mirror universe where he discovers another version of himself captaining the ship.

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